Corridor: Poems - Saskia Hamilton

Something is missing from these poems, which could've been so moving and beautiful, the way the blurb promised. But they weren't all that great. Mostly there was a lot of fantastic and soothing imagery that centered around the countryside with a very wintery atmosphere. But it was hard to find something beyond that it the poems. "Rain Begins" and "After Gewritu secgad" were the two poems which I loved in their entirety, from the mood they evoked and the imagery they utilized. The other poems in the collection felt much choppier and disjointed, a couple even a little flat. It border-lined between sincere and forceful that i find somewhat off-putting in poetry. I think I should've taken this out from the library first before rushing to buy a copy. It'll go on the shelf for now to marinate - perhaps in a few months/years time I'll enjoy them more, or be much more satisfied with the mellow and somewhat uneventful atmosphere of the poems.