Scratching the Ghost

Scratching the Ghost: Poems - Dexter L. Booth

There is a strange case of inconsistency in "Scratching the Ghost" that I wasn't expecting to find, given its high reviews. I didn't love it the way I thought I would and even debated whether to give it a 2 or a 3 star review. It was poems like "Queen Elizabeth" that 'saved' this collection from being given 2 stars. The poems definitely have a very strong voice and convey their ideas in a very authoritative way, except some of the ideas felt too jumbled in uneven shifts through imagery that threw off the general atmosphere of the poem for me. I can understand why this won the prize however - there is a very strong voice carried through the entire collection that I greatly admired. I think I'll give this one another go in the future, perhaps it'll grow on me more, for it truly wasn't bad, but for now that is the extent of my praise.