Night Battle: Poems (Penguin Poets)

Night Battle (Poets, Penguin) - William Logan

What an unusual and wonderful poetry collection. What didn't appeal to many other readers sure found a way to make a home in me. I don't think I've come across any collection of poems that captures the exotic feeling of traveling, history, and human emotion in such a perfect way. If you want to get a feel of just what the poems are like, I'd suggest "Niobe" and "Spice Bazaar", my two favourites from this collection which, although rather different from each other, both managed to portray the mastery which Logan has with his words and the images he crafts with them. This collection took me on a journey to faraway places that are physically reachable, as well as the farther corners of the emotional spectrum I haven't visited in a while, and it did it all so wonderfully, an eloquent tour guide that may get tongue tied at times yet never fails to amaze when the moment is right.