Her Red Hair Rises With The Wings Of Insects

Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects - Catherine Graham

Another poetry book that, overall, was rather beautiful, but didn't draw me in as much as I wished it would. "Riverbed" was by far the most memorable and moving poem in the entire thing, with a beautiful way of describing the events and using imagery that lulled me into a calm state. It was perfect. The rest of the poems however, although very well written and clear in their themes, didn't quite have the same atmosphere to them as "Riverbed" did, and it was much more of a surface read for the rest of the book without getting into the soul of the writing itself. One thing that I did really enjoy was the way red and "red-ness" nuzzled its way into the poems - it was very discrete yet beautiful in a way that other poetry books, like Carol Ann Duffy's "The Bees", wasn't able to pull off.

It was an overall very present and soothing read, one that I'll revisit so that more life experience will add another layer of appreciation to this book. Maybe then I'll be able to delve into the atmosphere better. (And on a side note, the book design in this one was by far the most beautiful I have seen in any book, let alone a poetry collection. It was a pleasure to just hold in my hands.)