King Lear

King Lear (School Shakespeare Series) - Roma Gill, William Shakespeare

Far from my favourite when it comes to Shakespeare's work, I could still (somewhat) appreciate this one. But the appreciation was hidden under what was a generally dry plot and a lot of moments when I kept asking myself "So what?".

I would suggest reading the Czech fairy tale about the salt prince for anyone who enjoyed this kind of plot in terms of Cordelia being banished. I was reminded of the fairy tale when Cordelia gave her reply to Lear and still stick to the opinion that Shakespeare pulled the plot from somewhere else and only wrote the characters themselves.

It was much more interesting to watch an actual production of this one though, which I saw with my class at the Stratford Festival. As an actual play that you have to read though this is a rather dry one and takes quite a bit of nitpicking and analyzing to get the the 'juicer' meaning under what seems like a bit knot of things going on on the surface.