Infinite - Jodi Meadows

Another wonderful series that has come to an end. I must praise Meadows for maintaining such consistency throughout all three books when it comes to character development, writing style, and most importantly the way in which she returns back to her original message of the entire story. There's nothing better for me than to see a writer maintaining that with every new book and not get lost in the crazy popularity their series receives.

Mind you it did feel a tad slow at times, I would say for even a quarter of the book. I kept wanting for something to happen and for just a little bit more action between Ana and Sam. On the other hand however their relationship is allowed to blossom on a new level and their fighting goes to show that there really isn't such a thing as a "perfect" couple, although there can be an amazing one even with the fighting and disagreements.

It felt a little anti-climactic at times as well, although I'll overlook that because I felt like the conclusion of the book definitely sums everything up beautifully. I'm still not sure what the phoenix song was or what Sam's importance was or what exactly Janan was going for with his entire reincarnation gig. Being a lover of sad endings I couldn't help but wish that there wasn't that 'happy' end, although it was very much deserved. I was just very happy with the resolution during Soul Night, that's all I know for sure. I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful and emotional way of resolving the entire situation, and I'm glad it ends with the cliffhanger-style ending that it does, because it leaves room to imagine what kind of life the people of Heart would live and how their mentalities have changes.

This was one emotional and praise-worthy series, and those who are hesitant to pick this up I urge you to reconsider. This series has more good differences than similarities with other series. It offers a much more emotional cast of characters and more thoughts that will stay with you after the last page, and if you don't believe me try it out for yourself. As for me, I can't wait to one day go back to the beginning and journey through Heart with Ana once more.