Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot: Tragicomedy in 2 Acts - Samuel Beckett

They don't lie when they say that 'Waiting for Godot" isn't for everyone, and that not everyone will understand it. For me I didn't really have an option on the matter as this was mandatory reading for my IB English curriculum. 

I found it to be the written equivalent of Dali or Picasso, whose work I liked as soon as I saw them but couldn't grasp the full concept of. It took time for it to grow on me and the full understanding to take root. The same, I feel, can be said with Godot.

The laughs came mostly in the first quarter of the book, after which confusion took root mostly. The worst part for me was the original encounter of Estragon and Vladimir with Lucky and Pozzo, which is when my confusion skyrocketed. The second act was much clearer as well much more intriguing with the exchanges and the developments in the characters of Vladimir and Estragon. 

This one will grow on me, I know it. It'll take some time as I've gotten the bigger picture and some of the smaller details, but need some time to digest the smaller parts and understand their purpose as cogs in the general working of the play's mechanism.