Christina, The Girl King

Christina, the Girl King - Michel Marc Bouchard, Linda Gaboriau

I decided to pop into the library to pick this one up before going downtown for some business I had. I assumed it would be enough for both ways at least, and only if it was boring would I have to finish it at another time. 

I underestimated this book by a huge margin. It took me less than the whole ride to downtown - so about an hour? - to finish this and I swear half the subway car heard me sigh as I read the last page. It was so powerful and moving.

I knew next to nothing about the Scandinavian countries, their histories and cultures, a fact I'm hoping to change over the coming years. So when, at the Stratford Festival, I saw the advertisement for this play and read the blurb I thought 'Why not? Sounds promising'. It definitely delivered. I can only imagine how powerful it is on stage if I felt this emotional reading the lines on paper. There were clever lines in just the right places, and the characters were brilliantly written because by the end, I disliked about three quarters of them for their personalities. Christina is definitely the source of thought provoking in this play, and if at the beginning I could somewhat understand her perspective then by the end that was changed. I don't know if Bouchard intended it to be so but I saw her as a much more selfish person near the end, especially after Karl Gustav delivered those moving lines. It was a complex web with a cast of characters that were memorable, easy to follow, and elicited reaction from the reader effortlessly.

Touching on what would still be a controversial topic today "Christina, The Girl King" is a play that will move you, make you chuckle and grip the pages from frustration, all in one sitting. Impossible to put down and impossible to forget, this will probably stay with me as the most sensational play for the rest of my life.