Modern Life

Modern Life - Matthea Harvey

Another case of a poetry book where I loved many of the images found scattered throughout the entire book but when it came to actually diving in and enjoying an entire poem problems started. I did manage to really get into ones like "You Know This Too", "Waitressing in the Room with a Thousand Moons", and "Strawberry on the Drawbridge" - not only did the imagery move me but also the way with which each of the topics was approached. I wish I could say the same for the remainder of the book. The prose poems were the hardest to read, in fact, with the exception of the two I mentioned above. Perhaps it's because they're not my type of poetry in general and I don't 'get' them. But the two series of poems especially - "The Future of Terror" and "Terror of the Future" poems - were the brightest example of beautiful component pieces but the overall picture being fuzzy. The note in the back didn't help much either, where Harvey said she got ideas for those poems by making lists of words in the dictionary between 'future' and 'terror'.

The problem was on a more personal level where I couldn't connect with the writing. It was very good poetry, really, and there were parts that I was especially impressed with, for example the opening line of "Terror of the Future/8". But this admiration didn't extend beyond the technical aspect. It was good poetry but not my kind of poetry.